Wednesday, May 20, 2015

A Family Dinner

It was our family dinner day.

We ordered 2 onion dosas and 2 idlys and one uttapam. We changed our plans with the ordered and called the waiter again and said cancel the uttapam and bring 3 dosas. I repeated him the same thing twice so he doesn't do a mistake.
While we were having a good time discussing last nights  tv show our food arrived. To our shock even after repeating him two times he did the mistake and brought the uttapam. 
"But we have changed the order, don't you remember?"
He didn't say anything at first, "it's what you ordered" he said.
"First of all you dont follow orders then you are lying too!" I was furious. He looked a little guilty but wasn't accepting his mistake.
I and my brother started scholded him. Finally he said ok leave it I will get your order.
While I and my brother were still furious about it mom said " You don't know what he have gone through! maybe his day started of n the wrong foot, maybe he has a big fight at home, maybe he is too tired of trying, maybe he is trying ends meet but it just doesn't work, how could you be so inhuman to schold like that? you don't know his story! I know he has done a mistake but did you try to even think about reasons why he might have forgotten a simple change and then not reacting well to his mistake? "
These questions still rings in my head all the time before I get angry on any staff for any mistake. Mom was right. She always is.

This post is dedicated to Godrej's #MyFirstExpert contest

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